Change Gas Logs To Wood Burning Fireplace

Gas fireplace or wood-burning: Which is more eco-friendly?

Change Gas Logs To Wood Burning Fireplace

Posted by Brouillard Amedee on Thursday, 17 October, 2019 05:21:54

For a traditionalist, nothing can replace a wood-burning fireplace, but they do require constant attention. In addition, they can be messy and pose a potential fire risk. Plus, it's not always convenient to keep a stash of dry firewood handy unless you live where you can readily chop up some wood. Gas logs have many advantages.

The cost of converting a wood burning fireplace to gas will depend on the kind of gas fireplace you want, the expert you hire, where you live and how far away a gas line is. There are three gas fireplace options you can choose from: a gas insert, vented gas log or vent-free gas log.

If your wood burning fireplace hasn't been upgraded for gas burning logs, you'll need to have a gas line installed prior to installing a new gas log set. For the safety for your family, call a professional to install the gas line.

Install the gas logs. Again, be sure to look at your instructions for specifics on how to place your gas logs on your burner and grate. Best Gas Log Sets. The cost to replace gas logs varies depending on the size, material, and brand. Typically, log sets can cost anywhere from just over $100 to over $1000.

VENTED GAS LOGS: Prefabricated wood burning fireplaces can normally accommodate a vented gas log, which must be burned with the damper open. If the fireplace was designed to use vented gas logs, a gas line may already have been installed when the house was built.

There is a difference in cost between wood-burning and gas fireplaces. A brick wood-burning fireplace can range from $5,500 to $11,000 for labor and materials without installation. Installation can range from $2,500 to $10,000 depending upon whether if there is a chimney in place.